Dainty Jesus Christ INRI Crucifix Cross Pendant Necklace (0.90″) in Solid 14k Yellow Gold

Show your faith in Jesus Christ with this dainty crucifix cross pendant! This fine piece of jewelry is a terrific embodiment of the fusion between elegant style and true Christian devotion. Although the Christian Cross is usually a religious symbol it has entered the fashion world and can easily be worn as a fashion statement piece. Its classic appearance makes the cross symbol versatile and ageless!
Especially handmade for the faithful and the fashionable, this gold cross pendant exhibits modern religious jewelry design at its finest. Faithfully handcrafted with authentic 14 karat yellow gold in perfect polished finish.
comes with free special gift packaging perfect for Anniversary, Birthday, Valentines day, or any occasions for wives, mothers, girlfriends, sisters, etc. or for one’s self.


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